Environmental Analysis

Making a Difference One Sample at a Time

Environmental monitoring. Discharge of known and as-yet-unidentified pollutants into the air, water, and soil. We offer tools and expertise needed to respond quickly and effectively to help keep you compliant and make a difference every day.

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The interactive, map-based interface to air quality data that can help your entire community to live healthier, more productive lives. Breathe easy. Elm is here.
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Making a Critical Difference in Japan

The challenge
After the devastating earthquake and tsunami, Japan is facing a number of environmental threats. These include radiation leaked from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, air toxins, and trace and toxic metal contamination in food, water and soil.

The solution
PerkinElmer is responding to this urgent need with unmatched expertise in radiometric detection, inorganic analysis and chromatography. Both Fukushima and Tokyo Universities use our instrumentation, which can handle a higher number of samples per fixed time duration than other instruments.

The result
While tremendous challenges still lie ahead, we deliver reliable results sooner so scientists make better decisions faster. Our vital field infrastructure, invaluable insights and superior detection capabilities are helping to keep the people of Japan and their environment safe.

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