Quantum GX microCT Imaging System

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Finally, Speed and Resolution in One Instrument!

With microCT imaging systems, speed and resolution are usually a two-system tradeoff – until now!

Gain a better understanding of disease and its progression with combined high-speed, low-dose x-ray, and high-resolution microCT imaging in one instrument. The Quantum GX multispecies microCT imager along with PerkinElmer’s other modalities such as optical and PET provide greater insight into biological activity associated with a disease state as well as treatment.

The Quantum GX microCT imaging system provides high-resolution images at an X-ray dose low enough to enable true longitudinal imaging capability. With scan times as low as 8 seconds, the Quantum GX supports a workflow of up to 30 subjects per hour, with acquisition, reconstruction, and 3D visualization in under one minute.

This imaging system also comes with a user-friendly software package for advanced bone analysis, with exceptional visualization tools that minimize the need for third-party microCT software tools.

The Quantum GX is the most versatile small animal microCT instrument proven to work in broad range of applications in pulmonary disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, orthopedics and dentistry.

Key Features: 

  • High resolution (4.5 micrometer voxel size) 
  • High speed (8-seconds for 20 x 20 mm scan) 
  • Low-dose imaging for longitudinal studies 
  • Coregistration of functional optical signals with anatomical microCT 
  • Two magnifications for high, medium and low resolutions 
  • Two-phase respiratory and cardiac gating Mouse/rat/rabbit imaging capabilities

High resolution imaging at a 4.5 μm voxel size

The Quantum GX offers the highest resolution among all the microCT scanners for pre-clinical imaging. The wide field of view (FOV) scanning at 36mm and 72 mm allows for high resolution imaging of mice, rats and rabbits. The Quantum GX has three modes: high resolution, high speed and standard modes. In the high resolution mode, a 4.5 μm voxel size resolution can be attained at a 36x36 mm FOV, while a 9 μm voxel size resolution can be attained at 72x72 mm FOV. An advanced bone analysis software plug with Quantum GX will offer superior visualization tools for bone segmentation, BMD measurements and bone morphology assessment (trabecular and cortical parameters) in a user friendly workflow.


High speed/low dose imaging

The Quantum GX is fastest microCT system with industry leading scan times of 8 seconds in the high speed mode. With reconstruction time of 15 seconds, a 3D image can be reconstructed with the GX in 23 seconds.

With the Quantum GX, follow and characterize disease progression throughout the entire study using microCT at every imaging point. Using the 8 second scan time that is designed to simultaneously give low dose and good image quality, you can be confident that your biological model will remain relevant throughout the span of your experiment. Fast imaging and smooth workflows also enable the throughput required to scan cohorts of animals quickly and draw sound conclusions from experimental data.


Superior workflow for high resolution scans

The Quantum GX features an advanced workflow for creating high resolution images from the original whole image scan. A whole body scan is first taken and then regions of interests (ROIs) are defined to reconstruct a high resolution image. There is no need to rescan the animal, reducing the radiation exposure and increasing throughput. The larger field of view scan offers flexibility to select ROI for detail at a later stage. Subvolume reconstructions with various resolution settings can be performed at an FOV defined by the user.


Optical co-registration for multimodality imaging

PerkinElmer has revolutionized preclinical 3D Optical Imaging with the IVIS® and FMT® platforms. Quantum GX makes microCT imaging as easy as IVIS and allows you to co-register functional optical signals with anatomical microCT throughout the span of your study. Throughput and user workflow have been simplified to seamlessly co-register anatomical and functional data at every step of a longitudinal study.


Two phase cardiac and respiratory gating

For accurate microCT reconstruction in cardiac and respiratory gated applications, it is extremely important to minimize the motion from the diaphragm and heart. The Quantum GX’s advanced and simple intrinsic retrospective two phase gating techniques are ideally suited for cardiac and lung function measurements. By simply drawing a region of interest over the diaphragm and/or apex of the heart, this optional software will process the image and only use views from a specific point in the respiratory or cardiac cycle, preventing this motion from affecting the reconstructed CT image.


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