Western Lightning® Plus-ECL, Enhanced ChemiluminescenceSubstrate (130 ml)

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The Western Lightning™ Chemiluminescence Reagent Plus is a non-radioactive light-emitting system designed to detect proteins immobilized on a membrane. The method provides a sensitivity of 1 - 10 pg of protein and yields fast, permanent, hardcopy results on Kodak X-Omat Blue Autoradiography Film or on the Geliance Imaging Systems. Membranes can be stripped and reprobed if stored wet between uses.

Western Lightning PLUS is an enhanced luminol-based substrate for HRP-catalyzed detection. It is an economical choice that provides twice the sensitivity of standard reagents, and up to eight times the sensitivity of some brands. Furthermore, it offers the best signal-to-noise ratio, and generates good results on either PVDF or nitrocellulose membranes.

PerkinElmer guarantees the performance of Western Blot Chemiluminescence Reagent Plus for 12 months from ship date, and unopened reagent can be stored for at least eight weeks at room temperature. This extended shelf life means you can buy and use Western Blot Chemiluminescence Reagent Plus with confidence.

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Kit Content : 65 mL of Enhanced Luminol Reagent, 65 mL of Oxidizing Reagent
Shipping Conditions : Shipped ambient
Storage Temperature : Store at 2-8°C

Storage and Shipping

Shipping Conditions : Shipped ambient
Storage Conditions : Store in Refrigerator
Storage Temperature : Store at 2-8°C

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My bands look white or like a negative.

This phenomenon is called antibands and is caused by the depletion of the chemiluminescent substrate, in other words, too much secondary antibody or enzyme conjugate. Re-titer to optimal concentrations.

I am now using competitive reagents. Will I need to change my protocols, in order to use the PerkinElmer reagents?

No, procedures will work with the PerkinElmer Chemiluminescence Reagents without modification

Can the product be used with GeneScreen or GeneScreen Plus membranes?

Yes, the chemiluminescence reagents can be used with the nylon membranes GeneScreen and GeneScreen Plus. GeneSCreen Plus NR provides lower background than GeneScreen Plus with chemiluminescence detection.

Should the reagents be equilibrated to room temperature before use?

No. The reagents may be used directly from the refrigerator with no effect on the final result.

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