Pyris 1 TGA

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Get unsurpassed accuracy with the Pyris 1 TGA As innovators in developing thermal analysis instrumentation and software, the Pyris™ 1 TGA is built on PerkinElmer's 35 years of experience. Our instruments provide the answers researchers need to solve tough industry problems.

Our TGA embodies the next step in thermogravimetric evolution: simplicity and ruggedness in an easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain, automated system. Never before has there been a TGA more perfectly suited for demanding routine environments and R&D.

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Balance on topIsolated from furnace
Efficient gas switchingReproducible results
Fast cool-downIncreased throughput
Responsive temperature controlAccurate results
New "lon Stream"Eliminate static drift
AutosamplerRun 20 samples unattended
Accurate resultsWith minimal experience

Product Details

With its new Autosampler accessory, the Pyris 1 TGA is destined to become the industry's new thermogravimetric standard. It virtually eliminates many of the typical sources of analytical error.

Integrate our system into your network to make the most of your thermal laboratory's resources. The Pyris 1 TGA is a powerful combination of hardware and software that delivers answers - not just data!

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