LS 55 FluorescenceSpectrometer, 230V

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The gold standard for automated bioresearch
  • Developed for a wide range of bioanalytical applications
  • Based on decades of experience in Fluorescence Spectroscopy
  • Automated accessories designed for bioresearch
  • Holographic gratings for reduced stray light
  • Versatility, reliability and ease-of-use
  • Pulsed Xenon lamp reduces photo bleaching
  • Large convenient sample compartment
  • Easy-to-use FL WinLab software
  • Includes automated polarizers

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Product Details

The PerkinElmer LS 55 Fluorescence spectrometer offers flexibility, versatility, reliability and ease-of-use. Based on our popular LS-50B, the LS 55 spectrometer includes a host of auto-mated accessories and software to address a wide range of bio research applications.

The LS 55 is built on PerkinElmer's heritage of sensitivity and reliability. A wide range of automated accessories have also been developed for the system making it the system ideal for bioresearchers conducting:

  • Microplate-based measurements
  • Polarization
  • Anisotropy assays
  • Intact cell work
  • Analysis of protein suspensions

Whether your application requires fluorescence, phosphorescence, chemi - or bio-luminescence, the LS 55 is ready for the challenge.

Optical performance you can count on
Our monochromator based LS 55 uses a high energy pulsed Xenon source for excitation. For more than 20 years PerkinElmer has used pulsed Xenon sources to minimize photo bleaching of samples and provide a long-lived excitation source. The variable slit and holographic gratings provide flexibility with very low stray radiation. We''ve incorporated holographic gratings on both the excitation and emission monochromators to further reduce stray light and improve the system's already impressive performance. And a newly designed reference signal system has been added to provide users with much more control over signal dynamics. This is particularly useful for samples with widely differing intra-sample signal size. For example, the LS 55 signal system has reduced noise by a factor of about 5 for intracellular ion analyses, and increased data transfer rates by a factor of 10.

Powerful software controls your entire analyses
Our FL WinLab™ software is designed for demanding laboratories. It seamlessly combines PerkinElmer''s extensive application specific knowledge and instrumentation control with the ease-of-use provided by the Windows® operating environment. Specific modes of instrument operation such as Scan, Time Drive, and Ratio Data Collection can be easily accessed from the Applications Menu (see Figure 1). Excitation and emission monochromators can be independently or synchronously scanned, while the Prescan mode is ideal for method development and locating of peak excitation and emission maxima.

FL WinLab includes a validation protocol that automatically checks the instrument performance to ensure that it is operating within specification. With its unique set of accessories and software applications, the LS 55 offers the most powerful and flexible system for data collection and analysis.

Measurement Modes for the LS 55

  • Fluorescence, phosphorescence and bio- and chemi-luminescence measurement modes.
  • Excitation, emission, constant wavelength synchronous, and constant energy synchronous spectral scanning.
  • 3D excitation/emission scans, 3D synchronous and kinetic scans.
  • Microplate measurements with fixed wavelength, wavelength program or automated spectral data collection.
  • TLC plate, electrophoresis gel or other flat sample types can be analyzed with our Plate Reader accessory.
  • Single and multiple wavelength kinetics
  • Simultaneous kinetics for multiple samples
  • Simple quantitation by curve fitting with a number of fit algorithms
  • Intracellular ion analyses

Accessories add sampling flexibility
The LS 55 includes a single cell thermostatted sample holder that can accommodate 1 cm pathlength cells as well as semi-micro cuvettes with or without stirring. Semi-micro cuvettes are particularly useful where the sample is precious or volume is limited such as cell cultures and DNA samples. The system also includes an automated polarizer that consists of 2 filter wheels; each wheel containing a horizontal and vertical polarizing element. Polarizer positions are software controlled and can be manually set or automatically controlled for polarization, anisotropy or G-factor.

Accessories for the LS 55

Plate Reader accessory
The Plate Reader accessory is a sensitive and easy-to-use way to measure fluorescence based assays in multi-well plates. Controlled from the LS 55, it is able to use a wide range of UV and Visible wavelengths ensuring the detection of virtually all fluorescent dyes used in for bio assays.

Autopole system and software
The Autopole system and software automates the measurement of polarization or anisotropy versus temperature. It includes a temperature control system with temperature sensing built into the cuvette.

Sipper accessory
A Sipper accessory is available for those laboratories that would like to automate routine analysis and quantitation. It automatically moves thesample from your sample vessel to the measurement cuvette, and minimizes the need to handle and clean quartz cuvettes.

Biokinetics accessory
The Biokinetics accessory consists of a single position stirred cell holder with event marking and temperature sensing. It is useful for all life science based work, but particularly useful for polarization/anisotropy work, protein folding/unfolding, and DNA melting.

Fast Filter accessory
The Fast Filter accessory is used for rapidly collecting data when studying biochemical processes such as intracellular ion monitoring. Pairs of optical filters specifically designed for the indicator dyes are rotated rapidly in either the excitation or emission beam allowing ratio measurements to be made every 40 millisecond. Two pairs of filters can be fitted on each wheel. The ratio data or the individual intensities can be viewed in real-time. For example, the Fast Filter allows for the simultaneous measurement of both calcium and pH using a pair of FURA-2 and BCECF filters.

4-position automatic Cell Changer
The 4-position automatic Cell Changer includes water thermostatting and stirring for each sample position. This is especially useful for simultaneous, multiple time-dependent measurements from each of 4 cuvettes. Multiple samples can now be multiplexed for analyses such as enzyme activities.

Front Surface accessory
The Front Surface accessory is ideal for analyzing films, papers, powders and other flat samples. The sample may be placed in the accessory directly or held in the powder holder that has a synthetic fused silica window. Ultra small volumes or viscous samples such as oils, opaque and turbid samples may be measured via the holder or cuvette.

LC Flow Cell
The LC flow cell for high sensitivity liquid chromatography is a good means of expanding the utility of the LS 55. Providing laboratories with an alternative to a dedicated LC fluorescence detector. The twin monochromators of the system enable accurate wavelength selection for maximum selectivity and sensitivity.

Remote Fiber Optic accessory
The Remote Fiber Optic accessory allows you to take the measurement at the sample rather than taking the sample to the instrument. It is ideal for remote, non-destructive testing of fluorescent papers and fabrics as well as the sampling of hazardous materials such as radioactive sources.

AS-93plus Autosampler accessory
The high throughput AS-93plus Autosampler, when coupled to the LS 55, can measure up to 200 samples in a single rack. This provides a high sensitivity alternative to microplate reading. The autosampler has a built-in peristaltic pump that is controlled directly by our FL WinLab software.

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