IVIS SpectrumCT Preclinical In Vivo Imaging System

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PerkinElmers' Next Generation Imaging Technology:

The IVIS® SpectrumCT preclinical in vivo imaging system expands upon the versatility and advanced optical feature sets of the IVIS platform integrated with low dose microCT to support longitudinal imaging. The IVIS SpectrumCT enables simultaneous molecular and anatomical longitudinal studies, providing researchers with essential insights into complex biological systems in small animal models.

The constant horizontal gantry motion and the flat panel detector provide unparalleled performance for low-dose imaging and automated optical and microCT integration. The stable revolving animal platform table rotates 360° to acquire full 3D data. Multiple animals can be scanned simultaneously while maintaining an average dose per scan at about 13mGy, with a scanning and reconstruction time of less than a minute. Optical and microCT modalities can also operate independently.

Key features include:

  • Integrated optical and microCT technology
  • 3D optical tomography for fluorescence and bioluminescence
  • The industry’s most sensitive detection technology ideal for:
    • Bioluminescence
    • Multispectral fluorescence and spectral unmixing
    • Cerenkov imaging for optical radiotracer imaging
    • Low dose and ultra fast microCT
    • DyCE™ dynamic enhanced imaging for real time distribution studies of both fluorochromes or PET tracers ideal for PK/PD applications

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The IVIS SpectrumCT is an integrative platform that combines the full suite of IVIS optical features including Spectral Unmixing, 2D and 3D quantitative bioluminescence and fluorescence with fast and low dose CT imaging. The simple user interface along with automated co-registration, advanced visualization and analysis tools are driven by PerkinElmer’s market leading Living Image® software. The IVIS Spectrum CT enables longitudinal workflows to characterize disease progression and therapeutic effect throughout the complete experimental time frame with both quantitative CT and optical reconstructions. Fast imaging and the ability to image multiple animals offers the throughput required to scan large cohorts of animals quickly and draw sound conclusions from your experimental data.


Quantitative Optical and Computed Tomography


Multi-Animal Screening


DyCE Imaging



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Power Requirements

20 Amps for 120 VAC or 10 Amps for 230 VAC

Camera Sensor

Back-thinned, back-illuminated Grade 1 CCD


Size2.7 x 2.7 cm
Operating Temperature-90°C

Imaging Pixels

2048 x 2048

Quantum Efficiency

>85% 500 – 700 nm; >30% 400 – 900nm

Pixel Size

13.5 microns

Minimum Detectable Radiance

70 photons/s/sr/cm2

Field of View (FOV)

Maximum FOV23 x 23cm

Minimum Image Pixel Resolution

20 microns

Read Noise

< 3 electrons for bin=1,2,4; < 5 electrons for bin=8,16

Dark Current (Typical)

<100 electrons/s/cm2

Filter Slots

Fluorescence Excitation12
Fluorescence Emission24

Fluorescence Filters


Heated Chamber


Diffuse Tomography Software

3D - Yes

Gas Anesthesia



Quad Core 2.8 GHz, 12 GB, 1333MHz DDR3, SDRAM, 2GB NVIDIA Quadro 4000 with 256 CUDA Cores, I Tb hard drive, 20” flat screen monitor


f/1-f/8 = 1.5x, 2.5x, 5x, 8.7x magnifications

Stage Temperature

20 – 40°C

Field of View

30x30x30 to 120x120x30 (L x W x H , mm)

Transillumination Stage




Imaging System Space Requirement

203 x 163 x 214cm (W x D x H)

Imaging Chamber Interior Dimension

43 x 50 x 60 cm (W x D x H)

Injector ports


Maximum Energy

Maximum Energy of 50kV with 1mA

Focal spot

50 um

X-ray detector


Detector Size

3072 x 864 pixels

Detector ADC Bit Depth

14 bits

Detector operating temp. range

10 - 40 °C

Standard scan time

8 seconds to ~ 2.5 minutes

Standard reconstruction time

minimum of 45s

Standard Scan Dose

minimum of ~10mGy