G4 Preclinical PET/X-Ray Imaging System

Product number: CLS139563

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Unit size: EA, 18" W x 24" H

Ultrasensitive and fast multimodal PET/X-ray imaging at your benchtop

The G-Platform offers Full Solutions for PET Imaging and includes the G4 and G8 imaging systems. The G4 preclinical PET/X-Ray imaging system revolutionizes quantitative Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging standards by offering higher sensitivity and speed all in a compact desktop format. The G4 breaks away from a conventional ring-based system by surrounding the animal with panel detectors allowing you to image trace amounts of probes, which translates to 10x less dose to the animal and 10x less dose to the researcher, all while maintaining beautiful image quality.


G4 peak absolute sensitivity (>14%) is higher at least by a factor of two than other state-of-the-art small animal preclinical PET imaging system in the marketplace. This dramatic increase in sensitivity is achieved using a revolutionary 4-head panel detector geometry that covers 360 degrees of the subject. In conjunction with its low intrinsic background from Bismuth germanate (BGO) crystals, as opposed to Lu25i05[Ce] (LSO) used by other PET systems, G4’s high sensitivity will enable investigators to detect extremely low radioactivity level (called minimum detectable activity), which improves image quality with lower dose to the technician as well as opens up applications with very low signal levels that have not been easy to be performed in the past.

Simplified Workflow and Analysis

Advanced algorithms automatically co-register acquired PET and X-Ray images in G4 generating 3-D, whole-body images with organ-level anatomical references. Our PET platform is equipped with a unique docking station offering automated anesthesia and heating for efficient animal prep creating a simplified and higher throughput workflow.

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  • Compact benchtop system 
  • High performance PET imaging designed for pre-clinical imaging 
  • Integrated PET and X-ray design that automatically co-registers 3D, whole body images 
  • Ultra-fast automatic image reconstruction 
  • Real-time respiratory monitoring 
  • Advanced data acquisition and analysis software

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