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WinLab32™ for AA software is easy to learn and use by design with wizards to lead you through complex tasks. Extensive checking of all entered method, sample and analysis parameters help prevent time-consuming mistakes. Multi-language Tool Tips and Tip of the Day suggest ways to use the software and help you understand screen text and entry fields.

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Integrated QC Charting

With WinLab32 for AA's new QC Charting option you can quickly and easily prepare quality control charts from your WinLab32 results. The QC Charting wizard guides you through the setup process and allows you to store your customized template for future use. Plot results from QC samples, standards, blanks or any sample. Include limit ranges, means or expected values. Results can even be exported as ASCII data for use with other applications.


WinLab32 is configured for flexibility. Designed much like a mechanic's toolbox, it contains a suite of task-oriented windows (tools) that you can use alone or in combination to meet your workflow needs:

  • Choose the colors and layout option for each graphic display
  • Workspaces allow you to define and configure the windows for each task, and even help you remember the files that were open when you saved the workspace
  • Data Export allows selected data results to be transferred to a network computer or into a LIMS system such as LABWORKS
  • Maximize productivity with WinLab32 Offline by creating methods, entering sample information or reviewing data without interrupting the active analysis
  • You can also change the method and sample information parameters after you have collected the data and recalculate results using Data Reprocessing to determine if changes are appropriate
  • The Priority Sample option allows you to easily add samples without interrupting the current run


How do I add custom units (such as µmol/l) to Winlab32?

Unit conversion factors are contained in the units.ini file in the folder c:\programs\Winlab32-AA. At the top of this file there are instructions on how to add a custom unit. The following example is for adding µmol/l, nmol/l and mmol/l units.

1. Under the [Wt/Vol] section change the "NumVolUnits" to 38 as shown below:


Then append the following lines to bottom of the [Wt/Vol] unit conversion list.


2. After a relaunch of the Winlab32 software, select the desired sample unit in the Method Editor on the Equation and Units tab of the Calibration page. If you want to use the sample information file, it is not enough to select the demanded unit in the sample information file (right click in the grey area of the sample information file, then "parameter list", here "sample units"), you must also select this unit in the method.

How can I reprint results for a samples and standards run previous using WinLab32?

Use the Data Reprocessing function in WinLab32 for AA.

In the WinLab 32 software, choose File > Import From Results Library > "file", where "file" is the results dataset name. This loads the method. Next, open the reprocess window by selecting the reprocess icon in the toolbar at the top of the screen. Next to the line that reads "Data Set to Reprocess", click on Browse, and select the results dataset you just loaded the method from. Make sure the box titled "Print Log" is checked. Highlight the samples you want printed, and click "Reprocess". If you have not chosen to re-save the data in the file during reprocess, you will get an informational message reminding you.

I have added a new user to my computer, but the new user cannot run the WinLab32 software and then error "You have not been configured as WinLab32 user" is displayed.

In order for a new user to use WinLab32 the following has to be done.

  1. The new user must be a member of the Power Users group or an administrator of the computer.
  2. If the user is not an administrator, but is a member of the Power Users group, than the user must also be a member of a group that was created on installation. These groups typically go by the names; Analysts, Chemists, Technicians.
  3. Using the User Setup utility in the WinLab32 software, the user must be assigned Data Paths
Note: User Setup and creation of users can only be done by administrators of the computer.

Using WinLab32 software, when would I enter sample units in a Sample Information File instead of the Method Editor?

For most situations, it is sufficient to enter sample units only in the method. If, however, a mixture of sample units is needed (e.g., when analyzing soil samples in ug/g and water samples in ug/L in the same run), then the Sample Information File needs to have the sample unit column filled. If, sample units are entered in both a Sample Information File and in a method, the sample units listed in the Sample Information File will be used.

To enter sample units in the Sample Information File, the sample units column has to be added through "Parameter List"

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