AlphaScreen® Protein A Acceptor beads, 5 mg

Product number: 6760137M

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Unit size: 5 mg

AlphaScreen Acceptor beads conjugated to Protein A. These beads can be used to capture antibodies that bind Protein A, and can be used in conjunction with Alpha Donor beads to create AlphaScreen no-wash immunoassays for:

  • Analyte detection assays
  • Biomarker detection assays
  • Clone selection assays
  • Protein-protein interaction assays
  • Other immunoassays

In a typical Alpha assay, 5 mg of AlphaScreen Acceptor beads is sufficient to run 5,000-10,000 wells using a 50 µL final reaction volume. Bead concentration can be adjusted for optimal performance.

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  • No-wash steps, no separation steps
  • Results in half the time of ELISA
  • %CVs <10% result in high consistency and reproducibility
  • Broad range of affinities - detect strong or weak interactions, from pM to mM affinity 
  • Distance - measure very large protein or antibody complexes – spanning up to 200 nm or more 
  • High avidity - multiple binding sites on each bead enables use of nanomolar concentrations of antibodies or proteins, as well as use of low affinity binders

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