AlphaScreen® Protein A Acceptor beads, 5 mg

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Unit size: 5MG

AlphaScreen IgG detection kits are intended for the detection of molecules recognized by a primary IgG using a secondary antibody or protein A approach.

Benefits of working with AlphaScreen technology:

In comparison to TR-FRET assays, AlphaScreen allows the detection of large molecules due to the proximity between the Donor and Acceptor bead. The singlet oxygen can travel up to 200nm. In addition, a large variety of affinities can be measured from very low to very high. This is possible because the signal produced by AlphaScreen results from the binding of dozens perhaps hundreds of biopartners, rather than just one.

Ease of assay optimization:
AlphaScreen beads contain the required dyes in order to get an assay signal. This means you do not have to have custom fluorophore labeling of your substrate, antibodies or molecules of interest.

Very sensitive:
The cascade reaction inside the Donor beads amplifies the signal so very low concentrations of molecules can be detected.

Very low backgrounds:
Due to the time resolved nature and the fact the emission wavelength is lower than the excitation wavelength background interference is extremely low.

High signal to background ratio:
Because of the combination of strong signal and low background, AlphaScreen S/B ratios tend to be outstanding, some assays reaching S/B ratios of several hundreds.

For more information on working with AlphaScreen please refer to: AlphaScreen Assay Principles. Or contact us to consult with a PerkinElmer application scientist who can support your assay development and help you choose the right assay platform for your specific needs.

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