EnVision® Multilabel Reader

Product number: 2104-0010

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The 2104 EnVision® Multilabel Reader is our state-of-the-art dual-detector model and among the fastest HTS readers in the market. The instrument includes two detectors enabling simultaneous dual wavelength reading, below emission reading, barcode readers, a high speed light source and adjustment of measurement height function. It''s designed to be expanded as your throughput and application requirements increase. The instrument is fully field upgradable with stackers, temperature control, dispenser, enhanced luminescence and/or AlphaScreen capabilities. We'll perform the upgrade of any available option right in your lab!

EnVision meets today's needs of cell-based assays
When combining the speed of EnVision with the high precision dispenser unit and temperature control, the versatile EnVision can perform fast kinetic measurements, enzyme assays and numerous other cell-based drug discovery assays.

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What is the EnVision?

EnVision is a multilabel reader that can measure the following leading technologies: Time-resolved fluorometry, Prompt fluorometry, Photometry, Luminometry, Fluorescence polarization and AlphaScreen. The Enhanced luminescence option provides higher performance luminometry and Ultra Sensitive Luminescence even higher performance luminometry. The HTS AlphaScreen option provides much faster throughput AlphaScreen measurement.

Which EnVision models are capable of measuring various technologies?

There are two models: EnVision Xcite and EnVision HTS. EnVision Xcite has one detector, a flash lamp, bottom reading and the possibility to measure all six leading technologies. EnVision HTS has two detectors (which enable simultaneous dual wavelength reading), a flash lamp, bottom reading and barcode readers for plate barcodes, as well as the possibility to measure all six leading technologies. Both models have barcode readers for the filter and mirror module barcodes. Stackers (20 or 50 plate) are an option for both models. Also a wide range of application specific mirror modules and filters are available as options that can be ordered according to your needs. The standard AlphaScreen and the HTS AlphaScreen option include a laser and plate cooler. The Enhanced luminescence option includes a special luminescence detector. The Ultra Sensitive Luminescence option includes a special detector that is higher sensitivity than the Enhanced luminescence detector. The HTS AlphaScreen option uses the same detector as the Ultra Sensitive Luminescence option. You can have the Ultra Sensitive Luminescence option or the HTS AlphaScreen option or both installed. However you cannot have Enhanced Luminescence with Ultra Sensitive Luminescence or HTS AlphaScreen because there is only place for one special detector. Nor can you have standard AlphaScreen with HTS AlphaScreen.

How can I tell what model of EnVision I have?

The model number will be listed on the tag that also lists the serial number. This tag should be on the back panel, or on the side panels towards the rear of the EnVision, and will be approximately 2 cm tall x 7 cm wide.

What options are available for the EnVision?

  • 20-plate or 50-plate Stackers
  • Temperature control, which includes:
    • Chamber temperature from +2°C above ambient to +42°C
    • Heats from minimum to +37°C in less than 15 minutes
    • Temperature Uniformity < 1°C at 37°C set point
    • Temperature Accuracy ±.0.75°C at 37°C set point
    • Advanced software control of upper/lower heating elements to prevent condensation
  • Enhanced security for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Application specific mirror modules and filters
  • Enhanced Luminescence option
  • Standard AlphaScreen and HTS AlphaScreen option, which include a lasers and a plate cooler.
  • Plate barcode reader.

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