LabChip® XT

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Advanced Nucleic Acid Size Selection and Collection
The LabChip XT fractionation system performs fast, automated nucleic acid fractionation accurately and reproducibly. The resulting sample is tightly sized and is delivered in a sequencing compatible buffer. The XT improves laboratory efficiency and provides sizing that is difficult to obtain using manual methods. Data is displayed digitally and non-fractionated sample can be recollected and used at another time. The XT has advanced extraction modes is ideal for users with more complex applications with data analysis and sample tracking needs.

Why Fractionate with the LabChip XT?
Current Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) workflows have numerous manual processes that bottleneck throughput and contribute to process inefficiency. One of the most time consuming tasks is gel-based size-selection during the library generation process. In addition to being labor intensive and not scalable, manual methods introduce run-to-run and operator-to-operator variability. The LabChip XT eliminates manual gel isolations from your sequencing library preparation.

  • Reduce wasted “non-aligned” reads with tight size selection
  • Increase average read length by excluding shorter fragment
  • Faster sample processing maximizes use of sequence
  • Reduce waste and exposure to harmful reagent
  • Fast, reproducible, high resolution DNA size selection

Advanced LabChip XT Software
The LabChip XT Instrument has all the functionalities of the XTe with added software features for sample tracking and data analysis. The quantitation feature allows for each sample’s total input concentration to be determined. Additionally, the estimated concentration of the extraction region is automatically calculated using Smear analysis. Sample Names can be imported and data can be automatically exported for LIMs compatibility

Additional Extraction Mode

  • Smear Max and Peak Max-Identify and extract in the region with maximum concentratio
  • Skip Extraction- Identify and skip extraction of unwanted regions such as adapter dimer peaks
  • Separation only-Utilize the analysis capabilities to perform nucleic acid quantitation without fractionation

Supporting Regulatory Compliance
The LabChip XT with LabChip GxP Software is a computerized system designed to automate the analysis and size selection of DNA. The systems allows the users to create, modify, and maintain the records in electronic form and allow the users to perform electronic signatures on the records generated from the system. It takes a combination of administrative controls, procedural controls, and technical controls for the users of a computerized system to comply with 21 CFR Part 11 regulations. The LabChip GxP Software contains built-in technical controls and features specifically designed to support the users for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. These technical controls and features include user account management and access controls, device check, enforcing permitted sequencing of steps, audit trails, record copying, record retention, system documentation, and electronic signature controls.

Compliance Features

  • User Account Managemen
  • Audit trail
  • Electronic Signature Control
  • Central Data Repository

Instrument Includes:

  • LabChip XT Instrument
  • Laptop with LabChip XT software
  • 1 Year Full Warranty (Parts and Labor)

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  • Fast, reproducible, high resolution size selection
  • < 30 minute processing
  • Up to 4 samples processed simultaneously per chip
  • Dry electrode contact and independent channels minimizes potential for cross contamination
  • Ability to recollect non-fractionated sample
  • Ability to collect multiple fractions per sample
  • No post purification, with collection in sequencing compatible buffer
  • Quantitative, digital data
  • Sample tracking


Software Downloads: LabChip®

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  • Next Generation Sequencing Technologies (NextGen Sequencing)
  • Paired-End Library Construction
  • Single End Library Construction
  • Small RNA Library Construction
  • ChIP seq Library Construction


Power Requirements
90-264 V AC, 50-60 Hz

Net Weight
2.5 kg (10 lbs)

180mm (7.09 in) H-closed x 180mm (7.09 in) W x 330mm (12.99 in) D

Temperature Range
18-28 °C (64-82 °F)

Power Consumption
24VDC, 1.2A max

Excitation/Emission Wavelengths
532 nm

Humidity Range
10-70%, relative, noncondensing

Product Laser Safety Rating
Class 1M