Zephyr® G3 SPE Workstation

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The Zephyr G3 SPE Workstation is a simple and efficient, yet powerful tool for automating the condition, load rinse and elute steps required in Solid Phase Extraction (SPE). The workstation is designed to specifically meet the needs of clinical, forensic, and pharmaceutical/biotech laboratories doing high-throughput SPE in a 96 well plate. The Zephyr G3 SPE system is an automated solution for sample preparation, cleanup, and extraction with the ability to process 96 samples simultaneously in 20-40 minutes, depending on the method.

Additionally, the Zephyr G3 SPE is equipped with a truly unique 'Clog Detection' * feature called “PING!”. By using a state of the art ultrasonic sensor, the Zephyr G3 SPE Workstation can quickly examine all wells on a plate to determine if the wells have emptied before moving on to the next step of the SPE method. If a clog well is detected, the workstation can apply vacuum for additional time or notify the operator by e-mail (if the computer is on the network) and put up an error screen showing what well(s) are clogged. Once the clog is resolved, the workstation can complete the SPE method. This feature provides the operator true walk away time, and the knowledge that there is no risk of contaminating the SPE plate if a well is clogged and additional reagents are added to that well. The “PING!” Clog Detection feature makes the Zephyr G3 SPE Workstation a powerful sample preparation tool.

The Zephyr G3 SPE workstation in addition to providing the “PING!” sensor to assure no wells are clogged, and allowing for “unattended” walk away time has a software interface tailored specifically to SPE and other sample clean-up techniques. There is no need to be a “programmer” or “expert liquid handler”, because our software lets you set-up a method with only 3 simple screens, and uses steps of condition, load, rinse and elute, and not load tips, aspirate, dispense.

* Patent Pending

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Zephyr’s small footprint fits on to a standard lab bench, requiring no special table, while offering flexibility for SPE applications:

  • Automates 96 Well SPE of Biological Samples, Unattended operation
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Vacuum filtration based
  • Non contact Clog Detection
  • Automated conditioning, loading, washing and elution
  • Multiple reagents for conditioning, washing and elution
  • Ability to specify all parameters associated with liquid handling for conditioning, load, rinse and elute steps
  • Add buffer and internal standard to sample

Reconstitute and mix samples post evaporation prior to analysis

  • Uses standard formats of 96 well SPE plates. (For custom plates, contact your local Caliper representative )
  • 96 Channel High Volume Head
  • Small Footprint , Fits on a standard lab bench
  • Workstation can page or email when run is complete
  • Add a CaliperLS TurboVap 96 for evaporation post SPE

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The  Zephyr SPE Workstation is a powerful bench top system  designed specifically for high throughput Solid Phase Extraction. With the ability to simultaneously process 96 samples with it’s 96 channel high volume head, the Zephyr SPE workstation can complete one plate within approximately 30 minutes.


Height25.5" (648 mm)
Width29.5" (749 mm)
Depth22.0" (559) mm
Net Weight185 lbs. (75 kg)-base unit
Temperature Range15-35oC (59-95oF)
Humidity Range0 - 85% RH, non-condensing
High Volume Head1-200 uL
  • High Volume Head (HVH)
  • 1-5 uL; CV <5%
  • 5-200 uL; CV<2%
Air SupplyRegulated 35 - 65 psi
Power Input115 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1000 VA max. or 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1000 VA max.