LabChip® GX II Gel Electrophoresis

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Complete solution for protein analysis and quantitation

  • Accurate analysis of protein samples to accelerate optimization
  • Quantitate molecular weight, concentration and purity in seconds Compatible with LabChip DNA and RNA assays
  • Flexible with 96 and 384 well compatibility
  • Comprehensive and quantitative analysis with LabChip GX software

The LabChip GXII is a complete solution for consistent and precise analysis of protein samples, and is an ideal instrument for protein research users. Whether it is quantitating monoclonal antibody titers, optimizing protein expression conditions, or rapidly screening IgG N-glycan profiles, the LabChip GXII is the perfect benchtop tool to accelerate your research and meet your goals. Leveraging microfluidics technology the LabChip GXII eliminates the need to handle time consuming SDS page gels, and provides superior results for less time and money.

When speed, accuracy and ease-of-use are paramount, the LabChip GXII is the perfect solution. With sample acquisition time under 40 seconds the instrument can thoroughly analyze 96 protein samples in less than an hour, virtually eliminating throughput bottlenecks and improving efficiency. In addition to the instrument, the complete system also includes the LabChip GX software for data analysis. This advanced data management suite allows users to visualize results via an electropherogram or virtual gel view. Additionally it provides data in tabular form, which can then be analyzed or easily exported into a spreadsheet format.

PerkinElmer RQS for RNA Analysis

RNA metrics such as peak heights, peak areas, and concentration are used to determine an RQS (RNA Quality Score) number for each sample. The PerkinElmer RQS is a calculated score that rates the quality of RNA samples. The RQS has been validated to correlate well with Agilent’s RIN (RNA Integrity Number) and follows the same 0-10 scale rating. Results comparing RIN to RQS for the same samples run on both LabChip GX and Agilent’s Bioanalyzer 2100 typically show < 10% deviation. For more detailed information about the PerkinElmer RQS, please refer to ‘RNA Quality Score (RQS) Calculation and Correlation to RIN’, LabChip GX Application Note 402 available through the Reference Section.

Supporting Regulatory Compliance
PerkinElmer LabChip GX/GXII instruments with LabChip GxP Software are computerized systems designed to automate the analysis of DNA, RNA or proteins using PerkinElmer Sipper Chip technologies. The systems allow the users to create, modify, and maintain the records in electronic form and allow the users to perform electronic signatures on the records generated from the system. It takes a combination of administrative controls, procedural controls, and technical controls for the users of a computerized system to comply with 21 CFR Part 11 regulations. The LabChip GxP Software contains built-in technical controls and features specifically designed to support the users for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. These technical controls and features include user account management and access controls, device check, enforcing permitted sequencing of steps, audit trails, record copying, record retention, system documentation, and electronic signature controls.

Compliance Features:

  • User Account Management
  • Audit trails
  • Electronic Signature Controls
  • Central Data Repository

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  • Exceptional precision with a detection range between 14 kDa – 200 kDa
  • High sensitivity with concentrations as low as 5.0 ng/ul
  • Quantitative sizing and concentration of DNA, RNA and Protein
  • 96 and 384 well compatible
  • 30 to 60 second sample processing
  • Hit picking capable
  • Automation compatible
  • Integrated bar code reader for sample tracking
  • Class I product


Protein Analysis
Protein analysis, sizing and quantitation

  • Protein expression kits and optimization
  • Monoclonal antibody production
  • Protein Crystallization and Crystallography
  • Recombinant protein quantitation

NEW! High Throughput N-Glycan Profiling

  • ProfilerPro Glycan Profiling Assay Kit

DNA Analysis
DNA fragment quantitation and detection

  • PCR
  • RT-PCR
  • DNA Sequencing
  • Genotyping

RNA Analysis

  • RNA quality assessment and quantitation
  • Microarrays
  • qRT-PCR
  • Biobanking
  • Sequencing


Power Requirements
100/110/230 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Height 18.28" (46.4 cm)
Width 18.60" (47.2 cm)
Depth 25.57" (64.9 cm )

Net Weight
100 lbs (45.5 kg)

Temperature Range

Power Consumption
460 VA (460 W)

Plate Formats
96- and 384-well

Excitation/Emission Wavelengths
635 nm and 700 nm

Humidity Range
30-70% relative, non-condensing

Product Laser Safety Rating
Class 1


“LabChip enables us to perform experiments in an afternoon that would have required a month.”
Biogen-Idec, COG 2009

“Finally, the process that we have described reduces both experimentation cost and time while increasing throughput, making possible what–if experiments that, up to now, had been either prohibitively expensive or too complex to perform. This process results in better solutions, decreased development time and increased productivity.”
Vertex, COG ’09 & ’07 and Anal. Biochem., 2006:351 p122

“Microfluidic analysis of experiments moves the bottle neck from data analysis to experimental design.”

“Microchip CE-SDS, under both non-reducing and reducing conditions, can be used in a variety of antibody product screening assays. The microchip analyses provide sufficient resolution and sensitivity for this purpose but on a time scale approximately 70 times faster (41 s versus 50 min per sample) than conventional CE separation.”
Amgen, Electrophoresis, 2008: 29 p4993

“LabChip allowed for detection of deglycosylated profile not detected with other analytical techniques (SDS PAGE, usual glycan mapping, HPLC).”
EMD Serono, COG 2008

“LabChip is a sole enabling technology for therapeutic protein analysis.”
VTU technology, COG 2008

”The results of our studies suggest the LabChip platform offers a unique high throughput platform with high resolution and high sensitivity. The LabChip technology appears to be extremely well suited for routine identification and quantification of HMW-GS especially for purposes of wheat quality screening and wheat cultivar development activities.”
LaSalle, COG 2008

“We achieved material cost savings of 50%+, and time savings of 75% per screen!”
Univ. of Wisconsin, Midwest LRIG 2007

“Caliper was willing to work with us to develop the 12 kb chip and provided tremendous support and interactions. We are very satisfied with the LabChip, will likely purchase 1-2 more and recommend this platform to our colleagues.”
Dow AgroSciences, COG 2007


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