ViewLux uHTS Microplate Imager

The ViewLux® is the gold standard, ultra high-speed microplate imager, ideal for high throughput screening of compound libraries requiring the ultimate in speed, reliability and high quality data. In fact, over 150 ViewLux systems have been installed in all major pharmaceutical and many biotech companies worldwide.


The ViewLux system features telecentric lens technology which maximizes light collection from the sample plate and increases sensitivity while decreasing parallax error that can result from wells being at different distances from the lens. Because the ViewLux imager generates both image and numerical data, it provides users with additional insight into their biology.


The ViewLux imager now features the next generation of low-maintenance Peltier-cooled, CCD camera technology that eliminates the need for a cryogenic cooling system. The camera is designed for more sensitive detection, maximum reliability and easy maintenance.


  • Unrivalled throughput of up to 200,000 samples per hour under continuous operation
  • Next generation, low-maintenance, Peltier-cooled CCD camera
  • Supports 5 key non-radiometric technologies and a wide variety of radiometric assay types
  • Robotic loading and/or plate stacker options
  • Measures any sample in a microplate format or footprint (e.g. gels, blot membranes and slides)