Tri-Carb Liquid Scintillation Counters

The Tri-Carb® family of computer-controlled bench top liquid scintillation analyzers has a strong reputation for high performance liquid scintillation counting and superior reliability unmatched by any other commercially available LSA. They are the most sensitive detectors on the market for measuring small amounts of beta, gamma and alpha radioactivity with models capable of meeting the requirements of even the most demanding applications, including basic academic and pharmaceuticals research, ADME/Tox research, as well as environmental, nuclear power applications, biofuel and other bio-based material analyses.

The new Tri-Carb systems offer even more value!

  • Now uses 50% less power than previous models
  • Improved sample changer and internal electronics
  • External PC controller mounted on ergonomic arm with built in monitor
  • Ethernet support and improved access for USB drives and DVD drive
Drug Discovery
Tri-Carb B3180TR/SL
A premium instrument for multi-user labs doing both low level environmental and routine counting of higher activity levels for research applications. Especially well-suited for the detection of extremely low level alpha and beta radioactivity.
Tri-Carb B3110TR
Top of the line, fully loaded LSA suited for the most demanding research applications. Can be expanded for environmental applications.
Tri-Carb B2910TR
A moderately priced LSA for more sophisticated research applications and demanding DPM counting. More versatile than the 2810TR, the 2910TR can be expanded for environmental applications.
Tri-Carb B2810TR
An economical CPM/single label DPM instrument. The top choice for labs doing basic research applications, it can be expanded for more sophisticated applications.

PerkinElmer's 50 years of experience and innovation in liquid scintillation analysis result in unmatched service and applications expertise. Plus, we offer high quality, optimized liquid scintillation cocktails and counting supplies to complement your LSA and ensure optimum counting results with your application. You choose the LSA that's right for you, whatever your application needs-based on your budget today and the options you may want to add later.

Beckman / PerkinElmer Scintillation Counter Comparison Chart

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