Spectrum Two IR Spectrometers

Fast and Easy IR Analysis

Spectrum Two™ is the IR spectrometer of choice for everybody, everywhere. Ideally suited to everyday analysis, you can confidently perform fast, accurate IR analysis and assure the quality of your materials across a wide range of applications. Breaking new ground in operational simplicity, Spectrum Two combines superb performance with a low maintenance design.

Highly transportable with optional wireless connectivity, this IR system is at home both in the field and in the laboratory.

Understanding that not everyone is an IR expert we have incorporated our 65 years of experience, as an IR market leader, into a range of knowledge based solutions that ensure that Spectrum Two can be used easily by everybody, no matter what their level of experience.

The comprehensive Spectrum 10™ software interface allows you to focus on what matters most - results. Combining a wide range of capabilities this comprehensive FT-IR software platform facilitates data collection, processing and result generation. For users in manufacturing QA environments, Spectrum AssureID™ software provides rapid and unambiguous verification of the quality and identity of production material.