Graphite Tubes for AAnalyst 200 Spectrometer

Pyrocoated graphite tubes are made of spectrally pure, high-density graphite and are coated with a layer of extremely pure, pyrolytically deposited graphite. These tubes have an extremely even and dense surface, which is impervious to sample, vapor, or solvent. In addition, the pyrocoating significantly reduces or eliminates carbide formation for refractory elements such as B, Mo, Ti, V, etc.

Pyrocoated Graphite Tubes with Integrated Platforms
Graphite tubes with integrated platforms are machined from one piece of graphite and are totally pyrocoated, providing exceptional tube-to-tube reproducibility.

Pyrocoated Tubes
Exclusive substrate material, available only from PerkinElmer, ensures excellent adhesion of the pyrocoating.

Pyrocoated L'vov Graphite Tubes
Internally grooved to accept L'vov Platform.