Glucose, D

D-glucose is a carbohydrate used as a secondary source of energy and metabolic intermediate. Labeled D-glucose can be used in glucose uptake, transport, and other metabolic studies.

ChemicalIsotopeLabel positionSolventSpecific activityRad. conc.StorageProduct number
D-Glucose3HN (2 position)90% ethanol20-30 Ci/mmol1 mCi/mL-20°CNET238C
(3 position)90% ethanol10 -20 Ci/mmol1 mCi/mL-20°CNET331C
(3 position)steri-packaged aqueous solution10-20 Ci/mmol1 mCi/mL4°CNET331A
N (5 position)90% ethanol10-20 Ci/mmol1 mCi/mL-20°CNET531
N (6 position)90% ethanol25-50 Ci/mmol1 mCi/mL-20°CNET100C
14C(position 1)90% ethanol45-60 mCi/mmol0.1 mCi/mL4°CNEC043X
(position 6)3% ethanol50-62 mCi/mmol0.2 mCi/mL-20°CNEC045X
U90% ethanol1-5 mCi/mmol0.1 mCi/mL4°CNEC042A
U90% ethanol250-360 mCi/mmol1 mCi/mL4°CNEC042B
U90% ethanol250-360 mCi/mmol0.1 mCi/mL4°CNEC042X
U3% ethanol250-360 mCi/mmol0.2 mCi/mL-20°CNEC042V

  • U (uniformly-labeled): designation for compounds labeled in all positions in a uniform or nearly uniform pattern 
  • N (nominally-labeled): designation when the method of preparation requires some (usually a significant amount) of the label to be at a specific site or sites, but no further information is available on the extent (if any at other positions) 
  • Specifically labeled: designation used when all labeled positions are identified and the radioactivity at these positions is greater than 95% of the total incorporated into the compound