EnVision Multilabel Plate Readers

Ultimate performance in multilabel detection

EnVision Multilabel Plate Reader provides the highest speed, ultra high-throughput and maximum sensitivity across all detection technologies, so that your high throughput screening applications won’t be held back by unreliable results or equipment that can’t keep up to the demands of escalating workloads and new assays.

  • Choose from 12 technologies including AlphaScreen®, AlphaLISA®, fluorescence, ultra-sensitive luminescence, absorbance, time-resolved fluorescence (TRF) and TR-FRET, for example to detect PerkinElmer’s DELFIA and LANCE assay technologies
  • Maximum speed and sensitivity with proprietary Direct Optics™ technology
  • Hybrid system combining filters for sensitivity and monochromators for assay flexibility
  • Laser excitation technology for time-resolved fluorescence modes for the best available TRF performance
  • Laser technology for high throughput for AlphaScreen assays
  • Low detection levels for high throughput screening applications so you can be confident that you are not missing any leads.

Together with application expertise, reagents and automation, PerkinElmer offers a complete solution to your lab’s needs.

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Two configurations are available, which both offer the same unsurpassed sensitivity and analytical performance.

  • The EnVision Multilabel Plate Reader - a super-fast, dual-detector reader designed specifically to support demanding high-throughput discovery applications.
  • The EnVision Xcite Multilabel Plate Reader – a single-detector system ideal for the most challenging research and assay development applications. The EnVision Xcite Multilabel Plate Reader is upgradeable to the EnVision Multilabel Plate Reader.
Technologies included:
    - Filter based fluorescence intensity (top and bottom)
    - Time-resolved fluorescence
    - Luminescence, including glow, flash and dual luminescence
    - Filter-based absorbance
    - Fluorescence Polarization

Optional technologies:

    - Standard AlphaLISA®/AlphaScreen® (Laser excitation)
    - High-throughput AlphaLISA®/AlphaScreen® (Laser excitation)
    - Monochromator-based fluorescence intensity (top and bottom)
    - Monochromator-based absorbance detection
    - Laser-based time-resolved fluorescence
    - Ultra sensitive luminescence

Key Features:

    - Proprietary Direct Double Optics™ deliver a full lens system for maximum speed and sensitivity (EnVision only)
    - The fastest mode uses an innovative "on the fly"-detection - making EnVision exceptionally fast in measuring
      absorbance or fluorescence intensity on a 1536-well plate - less than 36 seconds including plate loading times
    - Field upgradeable for changing application needs
    - User-changeable, label-specific optical mirror modules and filters for assay customization with positive identification of
      measurement configuration (barcodes)
    - Integrated barcode reading enables barcode reading from short right side and both long sides of the plate
    - Optional 21 CFR Part 11 support


    - 2 channel dispenser
    - Plate stacker (20 or 50 plates)
    - Temperature control up to 65º C
    - Compatible with a wide range of automation systems




Wavelength Selection

Bar-coded filter or quad monochromators (optional)


Two detectors for simultaneous dual wavelength reading

Plate format

1- to 3456-well plates

Temperature control


   Termperature range

2° C above ambient to 50° C (0.5 °C increments)


+1° C

   Heating time

<10 minutes (from RT up to 37°C)


Linear, orbital, double orbital

Kinetic speed

96 well: 6 seconds
384 well: 10 seconds
1536 well: 20 seconds

Single read

96 well: 22 seconds
384 well: 27 seconds
1536 well: 36 seconds

Barcode reader

Long and short right side of the plate



  Volume range

  1 – 475μl per stroke, multiple dispense strokes can be programmed

 Dispense increments

1 μl steps


  100-500 μl/sec

  Dead volume (i.e. reagent volume needed to prime the system)

  500μl with pump back function

*Not available for EnVision Xcite

Fluorometry (Fluorescein)

   96-well plate

< 0.8 fmol/well

   384-well plate

< 0.2 fmol/well

   Monochromator wave length range

 230-850 nm 0.1 nm step

   Monochromator bandwidth (Exc & Em)

 < 8 nm

Time Resolved Fluorescence(Xenon flash lamp)

   96-well plate

< 11 amol/well

   384-well plate

< 1 amol/well

Time Resolved Fluorescence (Laser option)

  96-well plate

<3 amol/well

   384-well plate

<0.25 amol/well

Photometry (Filter or Monochromators)

   96-well plate

0-4 OD

   384-well plate

0-4 OD

   Accuracy @ 2 optical density

< 2 %

   Precision @ 2 optical density

< 0.1 %

   Monochromator wavelength range

230-1000 nm 0.1 nm step

   Monochromator bandwidth



   96-well plate ATP

< 80 amol/well  (200 µl, Flash)

   384-well plate ATP

< 10 pM (50 µ, Glow)

Enhanced Luminometry

   96-well plate

<5 amol/well (Flash)


  384-well plate

< 100 amol

Options & Accessories


Innovative hybrid design for maximum flexibility

Adding the monochromator option to your EnVision instrument enables you to select either the filter or monochromator mode on the same instrument. The EnVision system’s monochromators allow you to choose any wavelength and perform wavelength scans.

Ultra-Sensitive Luminescence technology makes the most of your precious cells and reagents

Working with primary, stem or difficult-to-transfect cells presents a unique set of challenges. Optional ultra-sensitive luminescence boosts sensitivity by almost 40X versus standard luminescence by bringing the detector closer to the sample—giving you more information from every cell.

Efficient, adaptable Alpha Technology

PerkinElmer’s highly versatile Alpha Technology is a homogeneous, bead-based platform that detects virtually any molecule from large endogenous protein complexes to very small peptides. Easy to automate and miniaturize, it works with a variety of sample types—all in one well and with no wash steps. There are two options available:

·        Standard AlphaScreen®involves excitation, delay and measurement of each sample sequentially

·        Laser-based HTS AlphaScreensimultaneously measures one sample while exciting another, removing the delay and providing a 2.5X speed boost.

TRF laser enhances signal-to-noise and accelerates measurement

A high energy laser for time-resolved fluorescence (TRF) gives superior signal-to-noise ratios and exceptionally fast measurement times—less than 36 seconds on a 1536-well plate, including plate loading times.



Temperature Control

To ensure reproducibility of cellular and enzyme kinetic assays and other assays that require a defined temperature range, the EnVision platform’s temperature control option lets you precisely regulate from +2°C to +45°C above ambient. Temperature control is uniform across the plate, and a top heating plate eliminates condensation problems.


The EnVision dispenser can be used with 1- to 384-well plates in all reading modes. It consists of two pump units, a magnetic stirrer and a heater, allowing precise delivery of reagents in 1μL increments over a volume range of 2-475μL. An adjustable dispense speed setting lets you optimize for viscosity, cell density and other assay requirements.

Plate Stacker

Available for 20 or 50 plates, interchangeable plate stacker magazines can easily be added to increase capacity and throughput. For kinetic assays, the grip-fed re-stacking function lets you maintain the order of plates in the stack, increasing the reliability of data.

Flexible Automation

For increased throughput or walkaway convenience, PerkinElmer offers a range of automation solutions that include full liquid handling systems such as the Janus® Automated Workstation. EnVision plate readers are also compatible with a wide range of third party automation systems.

Label-specific filters and optical modules

User-changeable, label-specific mirror modules and filters provide optimized detection sensitivity for every label and application. You can easily add modules to meet changing applications needs.


Cellular Assays

Bottom-reading, shaking, scanning, temperature control and kinetics capabilities make EnVision the reader of choice for cellular assays.

GPCR Assays

The EnVision system’s high throughput read technologies are a perfect match for a wide range of GPCR assay types such as AlphaScreen®, LANCE® and AequoScreen®.

Reporter Gene Assays

Scanning and kinetics capabilities and label-specific optical mirror modules and filters enable fluorescent protein assays and dual reporter gene assays using luciferase and beta lactamase.

Enzyme Assays

Accurate, stable temperature control and re-stacking capability let you perform sensitive kinetic measurements across a wide dynamic range and high-speed measurements at short-repeat intervals.

Kinase Assays

LANCE Ultra TR-FRET biochemical assays are ideal for tyrosine/serine/threonine kinases. Alpha technologies measure phosphorylated peptides, full protein substrates and endogenous phosphorylated proteins in cellular format.

Quantification Assays

A wide range of filters and optical mirror modules covering the UV/Vis spectrum enable direct measurement of DNA, protein and classical ELISAs. AlphaLISA, AlphaScreen and DELFIA® capabilities also allow use of ELISA alternatives that offer wider dynamic range and higher sensitivity.