Dedicated informatics for clinical MSMS (Not available in USA and Canada)

Tandem mass spectrometry is a multiplexing technology that generates large amounts of data - up to 100 times more data than typical immunoassays. There is a consequent need for dedicated informatics solutions. PerkinElmer’s CHS Data Suite software is optimized for use with the PerkinElmer MSMS Steroids Kit and MSMS Vitamin D Kit and is designed to ease the data management workload.

Data Suite is an easy to deploy and easy to use software package pre-configured according to the needs of the CHS Kit user and is installed on a standard Windows-based PC. The software helps implement major savings in labor, as you:

  • Automatically highlight (flag) cutoff violations
  • Evaluate QC performance and trends
  • Analyze cutoffs

PerkinElmer CHS products are not available in the USA and Canada. Available as a CE marked IVD where recognized. For detailed information on availability please contact your local representative.