AxION Platform

The PerkinElmer AxION® platform encompasses innovative mass spectrometry systems and software designed to provide streamlined solutions for virtually any laboratory application and workflow. This platform includes: the AxION iQT™ GC/MS/MS, a powerful mass spectrometry technology that brings together targeted and non-targeted analysis capabilities, AxION 2 TOF MS for exact mass measurement capabilities and confident quantitation, AxION Direct Sample Analysis™ (DSA™) System, to screen, compare and confirm samples in a matter of seconds, with no method development, minimal sample preparation and no chromatography and the automated AxION Sample Manager for “hands free” sample preparation and injection.

These technologies are driven by the powerful and easy to use AxION suite of software solutions, which enables higher productivity, greater efficiency and increased flexibility for lab operations:

  • AxION eDoor™, PerkinElmer’s own revolutionary web based open access software solution, provides a MS solution to streamline your entire lab operation.
  • AxION Solo™ /Xpo™ provides rapid data analysis with advanced visualization and reporting for material characterization and multiple target analysis. For unknown compound identification or compound confirmation.
  • AxION EC ID offers formula identification with precise isotopic pattern and accurate mass scoring.
  • AxION eCipher™ provides post processing capabilities for the AxION 2 TOF MS as well as the Flexar SQ 300 MS for spectral and chromatographic viewing, quantitation, and component analysis.

The AxION platform suite of solutions will increase productivity and efficiency while providing flexibility in any laboratory.

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