DELFIA (Dissociation-Enhanced Lanthanide Fluorescent Immunoassay) is a robust, high-performance immunodetection platform that provides a combination of benefits that make it the superior alternative to conventional ELISA. DELFIA utilizes the unique chemical properties of lanthanide chelates in concert with time-resolved fluorescence (TRF) detection to create an assay that offers high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, superior stability, and excellent flexibility. Given the robust nature of DELFIA technology and the advantages it holds over traditional ELISA, it is not surprising that DELFIA has found widespread use in research, drug discovery, and clinical environments.


Features/Benefits: High Sensitivity

  • Femtogram-level detection - detect low concentration targets and rare biological events that would be missed by less sensitive methods. Ideal for complex sample matrices
  • Superior sensitivity means less sample and less antibody is required - translating into significant cost savings
  • Use DELFIA with PerkinElmer’s VICTOR™ X Multilabel Plate Reader with filter-based time-resolved fluorescence for maximum sensitivity
Wide Dynamic Range
  • DELFIA offers a 4-5 log dynamic range - as much as 2-fold greater than traditional ELISA
  • Sample preparation and assay repeats are minimized, resulting in reduced assay times and cost savings
Superior Stability
  • DELFIA technology is based on lanthanide chemistry, eliminating concerns about enzyme quality, degradation or sample contamination.
  • Lanthanide chelates are extremely stable, allowing for delayed signal detection and batch processing experimental workflows.
Excellent Flexibility
  • Easily converted to 384-well format
  • Multiplex capabilities - multiplex up to 3 analytes per well
  • Wide range of applications, including:
    • Basic Immunodetection
    • Receptor-Ligand Binding
    • Enzyme Assays
    • Cell Cytotoxicity and Proliferation Assays
    • Protein-Protein and Protein-DNA Interaction Studies
    • Biodistribution Studies

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