Scintillation Vials - Plastic

Plastic vials are injection (blown) molded to exacting specifications from virgin high density (linear) polyethylene (HPDE). Caps are recessed to assure reliable loading and transferring in automatic sample changers without skipping or jamming. Since polyethylene vials are produced from petrochemicals, they contain no measurable background and are preferred for low activity counting applications.

Why Choose Plastic?
  • Lower background levels versus glass vials
  • Higher counting efficiency versus glass vials
  • Combustible - easier waste disposal
  • No solvent permeation with safer, high-flash point cocktails such as ULTIMA Gold and HiSafe families


6 mL Plastic Scintillation Vials

Our miniature vials are uniquely designed for safer, more confident sample preparation. Our plastic ...  View more