P24 HIV Antigen ELISA

As of 2009, according to the WHO:
  • An estimated 33.3 million people are living with HIV
  • 2.5 million are children under the age of 15
  • 2.6 million people are newly affected each year

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The Alliance HIV-1 p24 Antigen ELISA®* is for the detection of HIV-1 and HIV-0 subtypes in human serum, plasma, cell culture supernates and dry blood spots (DBS). This kit provides reagents for immune complex dissociation (ICD) of antigen/antibody complexes in serum, plasma and dry blood spot samples and proprietary antibodies increasing the sensitivity of the assay. The ELAST™ p24 ELISA Amplification System also improves the sensitivity of Alliance HIV-1 p24 ELISA kits by approximately 25-fold while extending the dynamic range of the assay.

Feature and Benefits

  • Increased Sensitivity for low viral load
    • 100 fg to 6,250,000 fg detection curve (12.5 to 200 pg/mL), translates into 12-fold increase in sensitivity
  • Sample matrix: Serum, Plasma, Cell Culture Supernate and Dry Blood Spots (DBS)
  • Pure p24 positive control (200 ng/mL) that allows curve flexibility
    • Standard Curve: from 12.5 pg to 100 pg
    • ICD Curve: from 25 pg to 400 pg
    • Upper Stretched curve: from 12.5 pg or 25 pg to 4000 pg
    • Lower Stretched curve: from 3.5 pg to 100 pg, 400 pg or 4000 pg
  • Low sample volume requirement (50 uL)
  • Complete Kit, ready to use

This kit is intended for research purposes only and is not approved for diagnostic use.

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Alliance HIV-1 P24 ANTIGEN ELISA Kit

The Alliance HIV-1 p24 Antigen ELISA is for the detection of HIV-1 and HIV-0 Subtypes in human serum,...  View more