Mercury Analysis Systems

PerkinElmer offers a full range of solutions to meet your mercury analysis needs. The FIMS 100/400 offer a compact, easy-to operate solution, dedicated to the determination of mercury. For laboratories needing to add a flow injection system for their AA, ICP or ICP-MS instrument, the FIAS 100/400 accessories are fully integrated and automated systems, delivering dramatically improved productivity and capability. And finally, the SMS 100 is a full-function, standalone, automated mercury analyzer designed for sensitive measurement of mercury in solid samples, eliminating the need for complicated sample preparation.

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FIAS 100 & 400 Flow Injection for Atomic Spectroscopy Systems

The FIAS 100 and 400 for flow injection mercury/hydride analysis are fully integrated and automated ...  View more

FIMS 100 & 400 Flow Injection Mercury Systems

The FIMS and combine the advantages of flow injection and atomic absorption measurement into compact,...  View more

SMS 100 Solid Mercury Analysis Systems

The is a dedicated mercury analyzer, which employs thermal decomposition, gold amalgamation and cold...  View more