inForm - Advanced Image Analysis Software

For accurately quantifying biomarkers in tissue sections

Within cancer research, the presence, absence, location and measurement of biomarker expression levels in tumors and surrounding tissues helps assess disease risk, the presence or progression of disease in addition to providing potentially powerful diagnostic tools.

inForm® is a patented automated image analysis software package for accurately quantifying biomarkers in tissue sections and is used in research pathology with a view to translating into the clinic. inForm enables accurate per cell quantification of specific biomarkers defined within multiple tissue types including tumor and stroma. It enables the quantitation of weakly expressing and overlapping biomarkers within cells, nuclei and membranes which cannot be identified by eye. These sensitive approaches provide researchers with the confidence to discover indicators of disease and uncover relationships between biomarkers, improving results reliability.

For digital pathologists, within drug discovery and oncology research, the challenge is to analyze many images at once. In some studies there are potentially hundreds or even thousands of slides. PerkinElmer’s inForm software when used with the Vectra intelligent multispectral slide analysis system provides a powerful tool to automate this process, increasing consistency and confidence in your results. By training the software to find specific tissue typesand automatically quantiyfing or scoring samples, you significantly reduce the time required to review and analyze large tissue biomarker studies. Trends can then be identified between multiplexed markers in the study of disease and enable the development of potential treatments.

PerkinElmer’s inForm software when used with the Nuance FX and Nuance EX systems effectively tackles the biggest challenge that researchers face once quantitative images have been acquired - extracting meaningful data. This extraction becomes increasingly more complicated when performing multi-label analysis, as signals from individual molecular markers can be weak and overlapping. With the Nuance/inForm combination you acquire and unmix multispectral images, quantitatively removing problem auto fluorescence in order to accurately measure and compare biomarker expression in cells within tissues.

Two standalone versions of inForm image analysis software are now available:

inForm® Tissue Finder™ and inForm® Cell Analysis™

inForm Tissue Finder automates the detection and segmentation of specific tissues types using patented trainable algorithms, acting like an expert pathologist, finding tissues by recognizing morphological patterns.

Tissue Finder Workflow:

inForm Cell Analysis enables per-cell analysis of immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, and RNA in-situ-hybridization, enabling the separation and measurement of weak and spectrally overlapping markers, in single and multiplex assays.

Cell Analysis workflow: tissue segmentation, cell segmentation, and scoring.

Customer Testimonials:

Peter Gann, M.D., Sc.D. Director, Division of Pathology Research, University of Illinois at Chicago
“The new inForm Cell Analysis and Tissue Finder adds further user-friendly tools to PerkinElmer's powerful multispectral imaging technology, making it easier to collect sensitive and reproducible molecular information from FFPE samples. In particular, the visual scoring tools, which are fast and easy to use, enable us to more quickly arrive at robust thresholds for performing single and double-positivity assessments”.

Mark Lloyd, M.S. Staff Scientist, Analytical Microscopy, Moffitt Cancer Center
“The most recent version of inForm will enhance two of the most impactful criteria for my projects; time and accuracy. Flexible tools are ideal in a multi-user facility, and the newest additions to inForm add to its utility and ease of use”.

Chris M. van der Loos, Ph.D. Department of Pathology, Academic Medical Center, Netherlands
“I used the inForm software in a recent study for the quantification of proliferating hepatocytes; inForm was easily trained to segment tissue into different categories based on staining and texture (hepatocytes, sinusoidal space, and portal tracts). The study showed that IHC double- or triple-staining in combination with multispectral tissue and cell-segmentation inForm software reliably determines the proliferative activity of hepatocytes in a rabbit model and has the potential for broad applicability in clinical practice when Ki67 proliferation index yields prognostic significance. I believe inForm is a very powerful tool for the analysis of data gained from multispectral images; these two techniques work incredibly well in unison to provide an excellent solution for per cell quantitative analysis of multiple markers in tissues”.


A= RGB with - hepatocytes stained by cytokeratin (CK) 8+18 in red (Vector Red)- sinusoids stained by CD31 in brown (DAB), - proliferating cells stained by Ki67 in blue (Vector Blue), - counterstaining with hematoxylin;
B= tissue segmentation: yellow mask -> sinusoidal space Cyan mask -> hepatocytes;
C= double positivity analysis of the hepatocyte tissue category showing the nucleus of double-positive cells in black (Ki67+/CK+)


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