IVIS Series Pre-clinical In Vivo Imaging Systems

The IVIS® portfolio of instruments is the industry’s most the versatile and advanced pre-clinical in vivo imaging technology available. The IVIS platform can address the widest range of applications with the highest level of sensitivity for bioluminescence, fluorescence, high-throughput 2D or tomographic imaging. IVIS has lead the industry in multimodal innovation, integrating functional and anatomical technologies within a single instrument or through cross-platform enablement.

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IVIS Kinetic

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IVIS Lumina II

The IVIS® Lumina II pre-clinical imaging system from PerkinElmer provides an expandable, sensitive imaging...  View more

IVIS Lumina Series III Pre-clinical In Vivo Imaging Systems

The IVIS® Lumina Series III pre-clinical in vivo imaging platform integrates gold standard bioluminescence...  View more

IVIS Lumina XR

The IVIS® Lumina XR with industry leading Fluorescence, Bioluminescence Imaging and now X-Ray. All-In-One!IVIS...  View more

IVIS Spectrum Series In Vivo Imaging Systems

The IVIS® Spectrum Series imaging systems is PerkinElmer’s leading pre-clinical optical imaging system...  View more