Radiometric Detectors

Liquid Scintillation and Gamma Counters

Complete Solutions - 60 Years and Counting

PerkinElmer's radiometric detection systems are designed around your application needs. PerkinElmer is the only source for the world's top brands, MicroBeta2, Tri-Carb® and the QUANTULUS. Complementing our LSA line, our Sample Oxidizer Model 307 provides reliable combustion of single- and dual-labeled samples containing 3H and/or 14C. We also offer high quality, optimized liquid scintillation cocktails and counting supplies to complement your LSA and ensure optimum counting results. PerkinElmer's 60 plus years of experience and innovation in liquid scintillation analysis results in unmatched service and applications expertise.

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Cell Harvesters

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Cyclone Plus Phosphor Imager

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Gamma Counters

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Model A307 Sample Oxidizer

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Plate Based Liquid Scintillation & Luminescence Counters

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Vial and Flow Based Liquid Scintillation Analyzers

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