Biomonitoring is related to both air & water analysis and industrial hygiene. But unlike these related fields, which involve the measurement of known hazards in the world in which we live, biomonitoring is broader in scope, and it looks at assessing the physiological impact of exposure to those hazards and other conditions around us.

Biomonitoring is an entirely different scientific discipline, compared to its related fields. Labs engaged in biomonitoring are sampling and analyzing biological fluids and tissues. This involves a different set of skills and techniques for sampling, sample storage, and sample prep, plus new considerations for sample analysis.

How can we help? With a perspective on both chemistry and biology, PerkinElmer can offer a cross-disciplinary perspective to your biomonitoring requirements. We can help you identify the right methods, bio-hazard safety measures, and analytical procedures - plus, of course, suitable instrument systems. All with an eye focused on successful implementation, day in, and day out.

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Biomonitoring, while related to environmental monitoring and industrial hygiene, is an entirely different...  View more